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Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


Located in Portland, Oregon, Doe specializes in artisanal vegan donuts brought to you from the hearts and minds of Chef Carly Sitner and Chef Crystal Wegener.


Doe is dedicated to satisfying every human without hurting any animal in the process. Doe Donuts are heartfelt and refreshing flavor combinations made in a dedicated vegan kitchen, free of all animal products. At Doe, we leave cruelty and cholesterol at the door and open up your taste buds to a world where compassion and flavor meet to form the world's most perfect donut. 





doedonuts@gmail.com for all inquiries and special orders


8201 SE Powell

Portland, Oregon



M/W/Th/F 6a–3p or until sold out
Sa 7a–3p or until sold out
Su 7a–3p or until sold out



from left to right- Carly & Crystal

from left to right- Carly & Crystal


It all started when...

Crystal and Carly started working together in a popular natural grocery chain. Looking to boost sales and set the store apart from its regional competition, Carly started making fresh, vegan donuts every Sunday. Only offering 2 flavors a week, they quickly became a hit spread by word of mouth. Crystal soon joined in and they set out to hone in on their recipe until it was perfect. Two years later, Doe became an idea that slowly snowballed into a reality.

Carly Sitner, Co-Owner and Chef of Doe Donuts has over 13 years of professional baking under her belt, working in restaurants, hotels, cafes, large scale production and the natural foods grocery industry across the US from NYC to Portland, Oregon. As a vegan for over 17 years, she has strived to create desserts that will accommodate her ethics and her taste buds. Carly has worked as a recipe developer for several bakeries and restaurants, adding vegan desserts to conventional menus to satisfy the needs and demands of every customer. A graduate of NYC based culinary school, The Natural Gourmet Institute, Carly is well versed in alternative baking and nutrition and has used her skills to create a product that is loved by all. Living and working in the industry in Portland, Oregon for the last 10 years, Carly’s products are on-trend with what locals and tourists desire.

Crystal Wegener, Co-Owner and Chef of Doe Donuts is an Oregon native and a graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute with a degree in baking and pastry management. She has developed her skills further both in private clubs and in the grocery industry. Both opportunities have allowed her to improve upon her knowledge and become meticulous in regards to developing and producing optimal products. Working with her hands to create doughs and pastries is what she loves best.


Veg News Magazine

Veg News Magazine

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Where we source our ingredients is important to us. We choose Organic, Fair Trade and Non GMO when possible. We are not a gluten or nut free facility.

Special Orders

We love special orders! Whether it be for your birthday, baby shower, wedding or just a large order for you to enjoy, we can do it! 

All special orders require a minimum of one dozen donuts or 2 dozen mini donuts. 24 hours notice is required for orders including flavors we are currently presenting on our menu. For custom flavors we require a 72 hour notice.

Special orders must be paid in full in store or over the phone.prior to picking up. Sorry, we don't deliver!.

Please call the shop (503) 333-4404 to place an order or email us at doedonuts@gmail.com

Doe Donuts

Traditional sized donuts require a minimum of 12 for special orders. Mixed and custom varieties of flavors we are currently presenting are a-ok with us! Custom flavors require a notice of at least 72 hours and require a minimum order of 12 per custom flavor. Donuts are individually priced and range between $2.75 and $4 for filled. Discount pricing for bulk orders starts at 8 dozen.

Mini Donuts

Mini donuts are the cutest! These are perfect for weddings and large events where people can pick a few flavors out each. We recommend 3 mini donuts per guest.

Minis require an order of 2 dozen minimum/per flavor. 72 hours advanced notice is required. Minis range between $1.50 and $2 each. Discount pricing for bulk orders start at 10 dozen.